Q: How thick of a branch can I cut with the shears
A: The shears will easily cut a ¼” diameter live branch at the nook of the blades. For thicker branches, using the saw is recommended.

Q: Can I dig clay soil with the GardeNinja?
A: The GardeNinja is designed for soft Garden soil. Digging in heavy clay soil or grass soil can deform the blades. A heavy duty stand up spade is required for heavy or hard soil.

Q: If I deform the blades and they no longer shear, because the blades are separated and do not touch, what can I do?
A: The welded spade blades can easily be readjusted without tools. Open the shears, stick the shear tips into the ground and twist the handles counter clockwise a little bit. Test the shears to hear if they make the shearing sound again. Repeat if necessary until shears are cutting perfectly. Do not over twist to the point where the shears are hard to close. This could damage the sharp edges. (See how to and tips video)

Q: Can I sharpen the shears?
A: Yes, the shears are made of 420 stainless steel with hardened edges. If you nick the blade accidentally, you can sharpen the blades with a sharpening stone and remove the nick.

Q: Will the spade blades rust?
A: All stainless steels will rust if kept in a constant moist and/or salty environment. However, the stainless steel blades will resist rusting much better than regular carbon steel. If kept clean and dry, the blades should remain rust free for many years.

Q: How do I the lock the GardeNinja in the closed position, to keep it from opening.
A: Holding the tool by the central handle will keep it closed when using the saw, edger and trowel. However, when using the tool as a weeder or rake, installing the plastic cover will keep the tool closed and safe. Squeeze the cover and guide the blade edges in first. Take extra care when installing it. Wearing gloves is recommended.

Q. Multi-tools are known for being the “jack of all trades, but master of none”. Is the GardeNinja actually usable ?
A. We took this into consideration when designing the GardeNinja. Even though it is impossible to design one tool that is the best at performing each individual function. The GardeNinja is surprisingly functional and time saving as a maintenance tool for the tasks that it can do.