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Have you ever been to a You Pick farm? Young and old can be found in the fields collecting produce. Some only want enough to make a pie, others jam, and some hope to garner enough to freeze and enjoy throughout the year. A day in a You Pick farm can be quite a bit of fun.

You Pick farms are also great for the earth, your wallet, and your body.

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Like buying from a farmers market, You Pick farms reduce your carbon footprint. The produce is local and often organic. You Pick farms are also wallet friendly. Because you are the reducing the farmers workload by reducing labor, the price is generally cheaper than a visit to the farmers market. At the You Pick farm I visited last week, I paid $3 per pint of berries, $2 cheaper than at the farmers market.

Finally, You Pick produce has more flavor and nutrition than produce found in a grocery store. You Pick produce is picked at the peak ripeness. Grocery store produce, however, is harvested in advance to allow the produce to travel.

Interested in You Pick? Here are a few tips:

1. Check the web page ahead of time. During the busy season, some You Pick farms get picked out. I like this web page because it gives options of different You Pick farms in your area:

2. Wear Sunscreen, cool cloths, and bring water. Produce grows best in the sun, so picking can get hot.

3. Go early. You pick farms can get busy. Find out what time the farm opens and start before the all the best produce gets picked.

4. Bring a friend. I like to collect enough berries to freeze, having company increases my endurance. Plus it's a great way to catch up with loved ones.

5. Make sure you have cash. Most You Pick farms take only cash or check. Stop by the ATM on the way to the farm.

Enjoy your time outdoors harvesting produce.

How to Freeze Blueberries

  • Freezer Zip Lock BagsBlueberries

    1. DO NOT RINSE THE BLUEBERRIES. Once water is added the berries begin to breakdown.

    2. Gently pour onto a cookie sheet and place in the fridge for an hour or more. Once they have cooled removed from the fridge.

    3. Fill Zip Lock bag full with berries. Remove as much air from the bag and seal. Place bag in the freezer for storage.

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