Starting 'Em Young

Today we celebrate with P-Noy as we turn a new chapter in our history. My children wanted to eat something special. I asked them what they wanted for dinner and their choice was unanimous: "Roast our chicken. We will cook!" And in that moment they imagined P-Noy was with them and will have dinner with them. Talk about the spirit of the inauguration!

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You can do this with your children, too. No matter how young for as long as they can follow basic instruction. These children are 7, 9 and 10 and they did a great job. Doing this activity enhances the acuity of their taste buds, promotes sensory-motor development and fine motor skills, builds their self-confidence as they experiment on taste and cognitive function is strengthened as they tie-in all the experiences in preparing and cooking. That's building new axonal and dendritic connections between neurons in different lobes of the brain. The recipe is in one of the early blogs of this site.Another change they made was adding 1 tbsp dark soy and 1/2 cup water to the marinade before the bird was popped into the oven. Their reason: if there is enough drippings after the dish is done, it will be their dipping sauce that is on the sweet side. Good intelligence, eh? They know how to approximate, too!

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