The global warming crowd is in big trouble

Th Global Warming agenda continues t disintegrate, having passed n "extremely mrtnt inflection point" I noted last November. Th news t keeps getting worse. Th don't h th data. Th wr mkng things up. Th computer models wr fudged nd tinkered wth. Thr h bn n warming n 1995. Th Medieval Warming Period, way before mankind trtd blowing carbon nt th atmosphere, w lkl much warmer thn th current period. Governments r slowly coming t th conclusion tht heroic attempts t alter thr economies n th name f saving th planet don't mk sense f thr n science t guide thm.

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Th gd news fr th economy b t greatly reduces th threat f punitive legislation tht wld force t more expensive energy sources. It l gd news b t contributes t th growing sense, felt acutely b those f Tea Party persuasion, tht government h gone t far n regulating, taxing, nd otherwise controlling r lives. It takes bg things lk th t m th public b enough t achieve transformative change n r politics. H noticed th growing list f long-time senators nd congressman wh r deciding t retire (Evan Bayh being th latest).

Th political winds r shifting b th electorate fed up wth bg government nd ll f t intrusions nt r lives. Th realization tht th w coming hld propel th market higher beginning last March, nd I believe thr still a lot more upside potential th nw reality f shrinking government bgn t take shape. I n't thnk f anything rght now tht more significant fr th future f th economy thn th emerging change n th mood f th electorate. Th retreat f Climate Change a small bt mrtnt rt f a lrgr movement tht believes tht Bg Government promised way t much ll along nd h failed miserably t deliver.

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Posted in Greenhouses Post Date 07/10/2018