There must be careful consideration & strict hygiene checks ...

There must be careful consideration & strict hygiene checks given to steaks cooked so lightly. The meat should be seared on all sides & edges. The meat should be totally raw internally. To touch, it should feel like a raw piece of meat. People often speak about having their steak Bleu but is it really Bleu or the more popular Rare, I wonder?

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Bleu Internal Temperature: 10 -29 Degrees C


It's important that all sides of the steak has an equal amount of cooking & the temperature is kept above 175 Degrees C. The steak should have 5 -8mm depth of fully cooked meat around the exterior and a raw interior. To touch, the steak will feel slight resistance and then totally raw. A great way to cook steakat a demonstration as long as it's oiled & seasoned well in my opinion.

Rare Internal Temperature: 30 -51 Degrees C


My favourite. Cook this steak the same as the rare steak but have your oven on for finishing the steak cooking. If you cook the steak completely in the pan on the hob there is a risk that one of the sides may be slightly over cooked. The meat should be considerably more cooked than a rare steak but have a very pink/reddish colour and be very moist. to touch, the meat will be slightly resistant with some 'give' in the middle. This is a very polite and pleasing way to introduce some one to the world of Best Steak at my Butchery Experience Evenings & Butchery Demonstrations.

Medium Rare Internal Temperature: from 57 63 Degrees C

Always choose the best of steaks, you only get what you pay for so don't waste money on cheap or discounted meat.

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