A growing wave of successful online marketers

For the past 10 years, there has been a growing wave of successful online marketers. As people understand more and more about the future of business, they see the possibility of making millions online. One of my close friends is an online millionaire. He just works with his laptop all day every day.

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The problem is that most people think you either make money online or offline, in the real world. They don't realize just how the internet can drive clients through the front door of their real business. I use google searches everyday to help me find shops or products I need whenever I am in a new town. And thousands of other people think the same way. When they want to find a store, they search online. The phone book is a simply a thing of the past. And how many companies spend ten times as much money advertising in there than they do online.

Sometimes I look at the website for a local business and I can only say that I am shocked. Your online presentation is just as important is your store. Would you have a pile of smashed up crates right by the front door of your business? Of course not. Yet many companies build a website and then do nothing with it for ten years. As web technology increases and moves forward, that website begins to look stale and very unprofessional.

Understanding the importance of seo and internet marking at just as important. Having a website with no seo (search engine optimization) strategy and no internet marketing strategy is the same as having a giant store or business with no sign or address on the front of the building. Half of the people looking for your business won't even find you. And they WANT to do business with you.

Often people will search for one company on the internet and end up doing business with another one. Why? Because that business was easier to find online. Nobody wants to drive up and down the street looking for one auto parts shop all day. They start out looking for one, but then they stop in the first one they see. People shop online in the same way.

So why wait? Drive business to your website. Bring yourself more clients and MORE MONEY.

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