A Strong Negotiating Posture is Vital for your Job Search Success

Positive job and salary negotiations are a critical part of your professional image. Proving that you are a successful negotiator suggests you are a capable person who can do much for the company. Just make sure you negotiate based upon the contributions you can make your real worth rather than what you've been earning.

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When an offer is presented, sit back and say: Thats great. May I ask what the next step in the process is? Should I expect to have this offer confirmed with a letter? Doing so allows you the time to review the offer and prepare a counter offer.

Negotiating a job offer extends far beyond discussing base salary. Job satisfaction, work environment and potential for growth are factors in a rewarding career.

Negotiate a long-range plan for career growth and compensation. Create a trade-off list of perks to strengthen counter negotiations including vacations, tuition reimbursement for professional development, stock options, telecommuting options, equity participation (executives) and other creative benefits.

If someone is negotiating with a small- or mid-size company and is asked to bring something special to the table, such as an account, it is correct to ask for a percentage or trade off for something in the future. A percentage gives the new employee incentive to work hard and stay around.

Gain the strongest negotiating posture early on by approaching decision makers at the beginning of the job hiring pattern, when there are signs of organizational growth, change or movement within the company. This happens before help wanted advertisements occur and puts you on a decision makers radar with less competition. Then, you're able to custom-build a job description and earnings around your skills and capabilities.

Employers want the best talent for the least cost. Prove to them you're worth more than they initially had in mind.

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