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Two weeks ago yesterday we decided to get my labor going with a little bit of castor oil help. I was going on 43 weeks and I had already tried everything short of a shot of pitocin. You know all those crazy tricks everybody tells exhausted pregnant women at the end of their pregnancies? Yep, I tried them all. Well, except the spicy food because I already had more than my share of heartburn. I don't really believe that one anyways since I trained at a birthing center in El Paso I know Mexican women go postdates too.

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I really, really, didn't want to take castor oil. I'd taken it with my first birth and it was one hell of a labor. Honestly though, part of why I didn't want to take it was because, well, castor oil is nasty stuff. The first time around I followed Anne Frye's recommendation of taking it in a shot of root beer. Very bad plan. So, I was determined to find something less horrible this time around. I read a couple recipes online involving almond butter, apricot preserves, and lemon verbena essential oil. Seriously? Who has lemon verbena essential oil lying around? and who wants to buy something just to take castor oil?

I decided to improvise. I mixed up a bowl of almond butter (I vastly prefer peanut butter so I knew if the castor oil put me off it forever I could live with that), 1/3 of the 4 oz bottle of castor oil, and a whole bunch of fudge sauce. I ate it with a spoon followed by a bunch of vitamin water. It really wasn't bad minus the slightly oily feel in my mouth.

I took this mixture Sunday afternoon. I had some nausea and a bit of diarrhea. Contractions we're 3-5 minutes apart all afternoon and evening, but they stayed really short and mild. The contractions went away during the night, so I took the same mixture the next morning at 7:30 am. Real labor kicked in about 9:45 and I was holding my little boy by 3:30pm!

I've had two castor oil births and one that started on it's own. The castor oil births we're definitely harder. Castor oil, just like any induction method, should only be used when it's really time to get labor started, and when that time is should be decided by each woman and her care provider.

I am very happy though to have found a recipe that isn't awful, just in case I ever need to take it again!

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