The Spore Network

This perspective is looking east and gives a clear understanding into what in incorporated into Mushroom Network. This shows the observing kitchen, observing benches, reception, mushroom library and the wall that networks the mushrooms through the entire space. The photo from my event has inspired my colour pallet for Mushroom Network because I wanted to keep the decayed theme and colours set from the beginning of the project.

This perspective has been taken from inside the mushroom library, where each mushroom panel grows individually. This room is dark so the mushrooms can grow commercially for the users. To help provoke the urban agriculture through this interaction, people are able to then choose 1 of the 5 species to give to the chef at the kitchen. Located in the library is another compost bin to influence conversation.

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This perspective has been taken from behind the kitchen and is looking south at the observing/eating benches. The linear Teak that runs down next to the storage on the left helps track the mushrooms up to the bulkhead as part of the cultivating network process.

Looking west, this perspective has been taken from the Mushroom Library located in the back room. It is focusing on the entrance, where on the left is the reception and on the right (exit) are the Pods for networking off site. Here we can also see the kitchen and observing benches. We start get a nice understanding of the sporing wall controlled by light in this shot.

Jane Rendells book Site Writing explores the engagement between art, architecture, emotion and space. She proposes that it is the qualities of a site that convey the real meaning of space. We are able to heavily critique the site through observation whether it is through writing, drawing or photography. From doing this, it creates a direct analysis of the buildings interior helping to further explore the intrinsic space.

I used photography as a way of recording this and did a light analysis of the space because I was interested in the darkness and growth of decay in 81 Fort Streets interior.

I wanted to be able to show these qualities to the community through lighting the darkness and growth from decay to try and invite the public to participate in it's interior. Judging from the feedback and confrontation from my event, People do not ignore this site, they quietly acknowledge and admire what is there. I propose that through the analysis of darkness and growth of decay in 81 Fort Street invite the community into the buildings interior and that it is not ignored but is quietly admired through these qualities of decay.

I intend to design a space that grows mushrooms, but is controlled through light and moisture. This site will allow the community the opportunity to interact and learn about the urban agriculture of mushrooms and be able to pass this information on through the idea of mushroom networking by being able to take mushrooms off site to share and network around.

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