Just another day out.

Yeah so,
The winter is finally winter again. After early spring weather it's cold again and getting colder. The split firewood is diminishing so I've been collecting the round logs.
I am such a liar. Really I'm not so we'll chalk it up to be being a talented writer. Here is why: Sunday is family day at the Compton compound. Which means by 2p I need to escape the chaos. So, on Sunday. I put on a corduroy shirt over my thermals and my beret and headed down to the tavern for a pint or two.

{let me stop here for a moment. You did read correctly. I've taken to wearing a beret(black) as the perfect affectation to accompany my great big grey beard. I've been wearing it out on weekends instead of the usual baseball cap. It's been a hit and expect berets to make a comeback. I'm a tastemaker}.

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So I swagger into the bar room and notice there are few seats at the bar. The only available stool was between some young women and I didn't want to inflict them with Miss Muffett syndrome. The bartender, Taco Joe, poured my IPA and set it's companion (Maker's)by it's side. Slurp the bourbon, sip the beer.
I stood back so as not to crowd the girls and stared off. The girl to my right turns and says ,"Hey, Spider, beard's looking fresh." I had met her during Sandy but hadn't seen her since. I did not remember her name. We began chatting. She's a dancer, I hadn't forgotten that detail. Who could? The name was another thing.
She asked me if I wanted to have a cigarette. Of course. We repaired to the outside grotto and had a nice chat about Turkish food, in-laws, San Francisco & Pakistan. After a while she asked me if I was cold since she had gone to her car for her coat.
"Naw, I'm wearing a thermal besides I've been outside all day."
"Really, hiking?" asked she.
"No my Mother ran out of wood so I've been splitting wood all day, it's gonna get cold soon so I thought I'd make sure she was set for the week."
"Wow, you don't hear that very often. Good honest work, a Man's work." she seemed impressed.
THE LIE/EMBELLISHMENT: I was in fact outside for a major part of the early afternoon. But I was watching my little nephew roll trucks down the drive-way. Yes I did split wood but only 2 or 3 pieces, just enough to get things hot enough to burn the unsplit logs.
I hope she comes back. I'll tell her I'm an astronaut.

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