Spring lambs

Spring means canola, hayfever and spring lambs in the Riv. And while we had a dozen or so little lamb chopsI mean babiesborn about a month ago, there has been one little addition in the last week who looks completely tiny next to her fatted cousins.

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Along with cows, sheep are the earliest domesticated animals, first bred for wool and meat over ten thousand years ago. Disputes over sheep grazing land have caused conflicts and deaths in Scotland & England;in the mid 1600s the English banned the Americans from having sheep (to avoid competition to their product)and sheep had to be smuggled in. So, the English banned American wool imports in 1698, punishing those flouting the law by cutting off their right hand.

Several American Presidents have keep sheep during their tenureWoodrow Wilson apparently grazed them on the White House front lawn, using proceeds from their wool to raise money for the Red Cross during WW1(thank you Sheep 101!).

I've always thought of them as being a bit dumbbut, a few years ago we raised a poddy lamb called Nibbles. Abandoned as a little scrap of bones and wool, Nibbles (after many bleary-eyed night time feeds) grew into a happy fat piece of mutton. One image of Nibbles will forever stick in our minds; my husband,on his frequent triathlon training runs, would jog 5kms or so down the road followed by our sheep dog Tori.

One particular day Nibbles decided to join them. Hubby patiently let Nibbles tag along until they reached a gate; dog and man usually jumped over, but Nibbles couldn't make it and stood there baaaaaing likewell, a lost lambuntil hubby went back and lifted her over. He kept waiting for the persistent sheep to get tired and stop, but Nibbles not only completed the 5km run, but lined up for more the next day. And panted like the dog she probably thought she was after every training session.

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