BBQ season for us is all year round with great levels of interest from local and multinational customers, but when the sun shines, so do my counters.

All of our oil based marinades are Gluten Free and contain Omega 3, 6 & 9.

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We can have produce marinading in various unique recipes for anything from 1 hour to 48 hours with the end result being a mouthwatering appearance backed up with a mouthwatering memorable flavour after cooking on the BBQ.

Only the finest of cuts of meat & poultry are used to make our products, hand trimmed by our dedicated team to ensure that what our customers receive is always a premium product.

Andrew has in the region of 20 years experience of the food & meat industry and all products are made the way which Andrew knows his customers enjoy. Andrew's dedicated team of staff are trained by Andrew himself to ensure that produce is prepared his way every time.

We are capable of preparing produce for a simple but elegant BBQ Pack for 2 to large corporate events when up to 2000 attend, there are no limits.

BBQ orders & packs are also made to any type of spend per head whatever the budget may be, we will make it work for our clients.

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