Molasses natural fertilizer...

Molasses is very famous in production of organic based liquid fertilizer. Especially if you are making it on your own. It is considered as fundamental in fermentation process and propagating effective microorganisms (EM) exclusively in natural fertilizers.

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Why Molasses?

Well, molasses are concentrated glucose functions as source of energy for good microbes. Microbes need high source of energy to degrade organic matters and propagate fast. Besides, molasses retains contamination during fermentation so your microbes will propagate well.

Molasses for Agriculture

Some people have difficulty in identifying molasses for composting. Is it a crude sugar? brown sugar? Molasses in agricultural industry is the concentrated unprocessed sugar, lay on the bed of sugar tank in processing mill.

It is slightly dense than regular crude sugar and dark brownish in colour. This is the type of molasses used in farming, breeding or EM/IMO processing plants because they are economic, non chemical and abundant.

Any sugar is okay

If you don't have molasses, don't feel discourage yet.I have been told that an Iraqi man who produce organic fertilizer in Kelantan for 25 years, he mix white sugar with his microbes. Very simple. He use whatever resources he have. I'm sure he is an expert.

Iraq is actually highly expertise in agricultural technologies for centuries. They even have the best farming practice since ancient time.

So use whatever sugar you have from your kitchen. If you can eat them, so do the microbes.

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