Can a carp angler out perform a couple of the top match anglers..?

Can a carp angler out perform a couple of the top match anglers in the country or will the bragging rights be reversed?

Although this series is supposed to be a friendly, the barracking between them started almost immediately!

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This is set to test all skills over 3 matches:

  • Match 1 - Pole Fishing (any species)
  • Match 2 - Tip Fishing (silver fish only)
  • Match 3 - Carp Fishing

Phill Broderick:

Preferred style, carp. Personal best: 39lb 10oz Mirror and 36lb Common.

Helen Dagnall:

Match Angler. Claim to fame 6 world championship medals, England international and current National Champion oh and 3 times fish'o'mania champion.

Dave Brooks:

Prefers match fishing and say's he's better than both of them put together!

The first leg was set on the Serpent Lake at Cleveley Bridge, a circular lake stocked mainly with carp and bream. Normally you could expect to catch 50lb plus bags but the driving rain and cold easterly wind might have something to say about that!

Our 3 hardened anglers decided at the start to cut the match down to 3 hours, although Phill said he'd stay for longer if he could set his bivvy up!

However, Helen soon repaired her pole and got straight back into the Roach when beleive it or not Dave then also got held up by cracking his number 5 section but like Helen was able to fix the problem and get back amongst the fish in under ten minutes.

Phill on the other hand looked like a fish out of water in comparison, but was confident that his scaled down carp tactics, would come good....despite the continuous abouse from the onlooking Dave!

With under an hour or so left .....Dave believed he'd done enough for victory and decided to go on a scouting mission around the other lakes followed closely by a resident pheasant who had taken a fancy to his bait.

This could have been a reckless decision as Helen was still weight building with small bream, roach and the occasional carp and Phill's tactics had started to pay dividends as one pasty sized carp after another got landed - but was it to lttle to late?

The Weigh In

  • Dave Brooks 3 points / weight 47lb
  • Phill Broderick 2 points / weight 28lb
  • Helen Dagnall 1 point / weight 26lb

The Excuses HELEN DAGNALL "The weather caught me on the hop, I took a chance in going for small roach thinking that a small weight would win it but all in all I am happy with my consistancy and will wipe the floor with them on the tip rod!" PHILL BRODERICK "I was done, if I'd of had another couple of hours I would have turned them both over! In all seriousness though, I was out classed today by both of the match anglers and if the weather had been a bit fairer I would have been blown out of the water. I will have to think hard around the silver fish match as Helen is the out and out favourite for that." DAVE BROOKS " I had to do well then, I couldn't let a "diddly donk angler" (Phill.) win, plus I've never been "carpin'" so I'm sure he will give me stick on that leg. The weather was lousy but I'm sure that regular 100lb bags wouldn't be out of the question in a five hour match when it warms up a little.The Next Leg

Will be a silver fish only match, using the tip rod on the main lake which will mean avoiding the carp that go up to 28lb!

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