Research published today

Research published today: Although there is no "visible pile of bodies" by the aerial spraying of suspected illnesses associated with these chemicals, according to leaks from the World Health Organization. There are missing and the cries of anguish as the detective Ted Gkanterson, former head of the FBI, who has spoken openly about "ongoing genocide by the UN seal."

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Indicative of this change is that the relevant questions for the purpose of aerial spraying, submitted to the Greek parliament in the last decade (from PASOK MP, when he was opposition, SYRIZA, LAOS, and KKE months before the SW ) the Ministries of Defence, Agriculture, Environment and Transport, of which sought to answer all declared ignorance every time the mysterious celestial "activities" or incompetence. But even by Dutch MEP has become a question in the European Parliament, the then Greek Environment Commissioner Stavros Dimas, who said they are known for aerial spraying but can not give an official answer.

The term "chemtrails" first recorded by the American journalist William Thomas in 1999 and is currently the number one search topic on the Internet. The references to specific blogs with photos, videos and testimonies, exceeding the record of eight million in the Greek gkougkl conferences and depending on the phenomenon of spray organized by independent researchers every year in Europe and America! The latest trend in Web sites are collecting signatures from citizens who seek the prosecutors investigating the phenomenon and to promote legislation that would impose restrictions. Valid academic reassurance that it is applied geomechanics, science investigating the climate response technologies with the aim of tackling climate change, and as indicated by reports of government scientific committees environment of the English Parliament and the U.S.. In terms of OHE, the conference of 193 countries on climate in 2010 voted to suspend any geo-engineering experiments, including aerial spraying. Such companies, however, is not new, protoefarmostikan by the Ministry of Defense during the Vietnam war. Constitute an additional challenge but today, it raises critical questions about their impact on public health and the environment, serving the purposes and the funds available. Thousands of scientists and activists who until yesterday as loidorountan synomosiologoi today to build an international online community of reflection is seen with skepticism "saviors" of climate change. Where is the truth and where conspiracy theories begin?

The large-scale chemical sprays are supposed to reflect solar radiation from the atmosphere, preventing global warming. The scientific community is divided. They talk about incalculable consequences for the environment and health but also for new types of weapons of mass destruction - as indicated below the distinguished chemist Nikos Katsaros. Behind the scenes, however, reported the researchers own funding benefits (eg registration and the subsequent "redemption" patent). Another interpretation is that the adoption of climate change programs through geoengineering associated with financial weather derivative, according to the well-known economist Dimitri Kazakos. A small coterie of academics, receiving huge donations from people like the American tycoon Bill Gates or Richard Branson British, to promote geoengineering experiments to address climate change (The Guardian, 9 . 2012). The official government bodies and politicians chew their words, making activists to wonder "if the sprays are actually good for the planet, why we all hide it?". And with this silence scuppering every effort responsible debate.

Wrongly the ministry, the tergiversate Transport

The issue took a new turn last January. This followed a report by Mr SW of Corinth Costas Kollias from October to the Minister of Environment, Energy and Climate Change C. Papaconstantinou. In his MP asking convincing answers, newspaper reports claimed the county, where "reported spraying dangerous chemicals from aircraft of unknown origin and unknown purposes."

The ministry said no jurisdiction and referred the report to ... ministry, this Transport. While in practice, the usual response time is a report just a few weeks, the MP finally got a reply three months later, on January 14, 2012. The two-page reply, signed by the Secretary of Transportation John Magriotis, the ministry denied on the aerial spraying of chemicals and disconnects the phenomenon by the term "chemtrails", saying that this is normal, harmless "white tails" that leave passenger planes, but also for agricultural spraying and fire!

"Because of increased aircraft traffic in recent years, the observation of traces of these (white tails) has become more frequent as a result sometimes misinterpreted as clouds from chemical sprays and chemical traces are referred to as (or chemtrails), answered the minister. But it has terminated the website of the Greek activist Movement Against Aerial Spraying Wayne Hall, recording systematically the issue since 2003, that the authorities tend to attribute these "chemtrails" secontrails aircraft. That is, the normal optical phenomenon of white tail. With one crucial difference: the usual contrails dissolve faster than the wind without leaving the characteristic white "veil of clouds' observed for hours after the spraying. The authorities have found this pun (contrails-chemtrails) to evade, say activists.

He continues to "tyrvazei on others" Ministerial response: "The Civil Aviation Authority is not aware of any facts or relevant information and not recorded by the air traffic control service aircraft" unknown "identity." Moreover, referring to aerial agricultural spraying "to fight mosquitoes and to protect crops from hail." Aftoanaireitai but saying that the sprays they "can not create condensation trails (ie trails) observed at high altitudes." He notes that CAA is not responsible for the control of the spray or to respond to possible methods to verify possible chemical shy, referring to this in the Research Institute of the National Observatory of Athens! Irony also causes unnecessary reference to "aerial firefighting activities for which jurisdiction the Fire Brigade." The service end points that have repeatedly responded to stakeholders and citizens on the issue and that these are official information.

O neodimokratis MP K. Kollias said the response, underlining the familiar tactic of irresponsibility (throw the ball to another) between ministries: "The Ministry of Environment evidently believes that he has no responsibility for substances which, according to the report, have been detected in the atmosphere . This is evasion of the Ministry and, unfortunately, it leaves unanswered the question of whether or not there are chemical substances which are dangerous if they are to public health.

On the other hand, it is obvious that when we talk about unknown aircraft that does not mean he does not know the CAA, but that does not inform citizens. There are plenty of complaints about aircraft that fly safely with permission of the CAA, but is unmarked. Three questions remain unanswered: there are other state or supervised services to organize aerial spraying, why and with what substances?

Mr. Kollias concludes that the only answer can come from scientific institutions, who should be responsible for investigating such complaints.

Otherwise, the whole treatment of the subject from Mr. Kollias could be just a move to the satisfaction of the local electoral clientele. Or even a petty crown Contras, accustomed as they spoke. Conversely, however, the remarkable thing is that for the first time, recorded member of the Greek parliament to recognize officially that the aerial spraying of chemicals and that there really have to do with climate change processes. The MP also calls for awarding research at scientific institutions, denouncing the lack of official information.

Last year in May, a delegation of citizens' initiative within the Aerial Spraying of Athens, Volos and the island of Aegina, "cornered" the chairman of the House Environment Costas Kartalis.

Note here that Aegina is a world first: it is the only municipality that has made "a lawsuit against those responsible" for carrying out aerial spraying based publication (NATION, 2003) for "secret flights American planes we're seen to spraying the skies of Aegina in the context of experimental tasks climate change. " This happened after the city council fears for possible effects of pistachio cultivation in the island. The article stated that "seen in the island air spraying with aluminum oxide and other chemicals." This case has highlighted legal reasons. As he explains the lawyer who lodged the complaint of the City Aegina, Iphigenia Margaris: "The lawsuit was dropped. Because the subject is unfamiliar, the reports do not always provide sufficient material to motivate prosecutors. You must first determine that the sprays actually performed and that they actually are dangerous gases and then be a matter of public health and environmental protection. Would be necessary to identify the body, public or private who gives approval for the flights of aerial spraying and of course there is the necessary scientific material, photos, articles and testimonies, showing the dangerousness issue. "

Mr. Kartalis is the man who signed on behalf of Greece, the 5-year moratorium on geoengineering inhibition experiments (see spraying), the UN Conference in October 2010. The activists received from Mr. Kartalis the usual routine questions about how they could turn on the aerial spraying. So when activists asked him then why sign the moratorium, said he had signed himself but a government official who could not remember his name. The head of the delegation retorted that it was a member of the Greek government and therefore the signature of an official moratorium on Greek politics. Mr. Kartalis then noticed that the moratorium "to be" different kinds of agricultural sprays!

Spray and Cyprus!

Unlike Greece, the Cypriot authorities seem to have decided to heed the complaints of the Great Island sprays. More specifically, since last January and according to a document of the Ministry of Agriculture & Environment, ongoing sampling and chemical analyzes of rain water and air quality in Cyprus. It is the first time a European country decides to conduct official state inquiry into the matter. The decision was taken after pressure from the Ministry of the citizens' initiative against the spraying, and the party of environmentalists. The air sampling is planned to last until December, carried out by aircraft of the Forest Department. The planes are proposed to be operable, and in areas such as days to be designated by a member of a citizens' initiative to coincide with the defendants chemical sprays.

The sample testing was proposed by Dr. Nikos Katsaros a committee meeting of the Cypriot parliament for chemical sprays held in October 2010 and which was attended by MPs of all parties, senior officials from relevant ministries, bodies and representatives of the military base of Akrotiri. Many suspect that the Cypriots sprayings are from airplanes taking off from the airport military base.

According to a letter from the Environment Minister George Aletraris, the movement of environmentalists will be informed of the results once the survey results. On his part, MP George Perdikis environmentalists complained that the Ministry conducts it's own research and urges him send the results to date.

The chairman of the environment of the Greek Parliament, Mr. Kartalis commented last year that "it is exposed to the Minister of Defence of Cyprus" if taken seriously categories from unofficial sources that Cyprus does not control the air space. " Mr. Kartalis promised in 2011 to Greek activists to personally investigate the matter. However, by the time these lines we're printed, written to our question to Mr. Kartalis to explore is whether there was not even answer.

Experiments in climate change

Indeed we spray chemicals. This clear public position on aerial spraying has taken a prominent scientist, Dr. Nikos Katsaros, a research associate in the Research Centre Demokritos, former President of the Association of Greek Chemists, former Secretary for Research and Technology and former Chairman of the Single Food Authority. "So far we do not know with absolute certainty what's in these tails, but certainly contain some chemical elements and therefore qualify as chemtrails" explained Mr. Katsaros and stresses that there is no doubting the phenomenon, both in Greece and abroad: "From reports of the consultants previous U.S. presidents and with recent reports by the Ministry of Environment, the aim is to take measures to combat the so-called greenhouse gases by 2025 to have on the climate control. These measures geoengineering. The geoengineering provides several methods for the reduction of solar radiation and thereby reduce the heat thus reducing global warming. Among these measures are the spraying. As a scientist, in no way agree with geoengineering. I fear that these technologies will inevitably lead to the creation of new weapons of mass destruction in the future. "

The potential health effects, Mr. Katsaros says: "Many people claim to have experienced headaches, dizziness, unwell or flu symptoms after the appearance chemtrails in the sky. From analyzes made so far by certain groups or universities, it was observed that the uranium generated from aerial spraying "veil" contains, among other things, barium or aluminum particles in quantities that would normally not be there either in soil or water. Particularly barium is very dangerous chemical element that should not be in the ground. " And Mr. Katsaros explains: "The planes leave behind the" chemtrails "are usually type KC 10 and KC 135 and bear insignia and chances are you off from military airfields and not shared the charts of their flights ".

The critical question, "if indeed it is so because the authorities did not officially recognize that these experiments are done for the good of humanity? Maybe something else is happening?" Mr. Katsaros has reasonable answer: "Such experiments can not be over the country that out, because then it will prove it's identity. At the same time, such experiments should be done more than most of the planet, to assess their effectiveness. Furthermore, Article 6 of the Regulation prohibits the United Nations to become experiments to climate change. That is why these experiments are as done. "

The attitude of the EU

The European Union sees the controversial case of aerial spraying. The minutes of the study presented in June 2010 a global conference in Belgium, documented that spraying is indeed a global experiment that is assisted by the emission of electromagnetic radiation technology system HAARP. But in any EU country there has been no official response to date. The HAARP was one of the issues that the report A4-0005/99 "On the environment, security and foreign policy" of the European Parliament. Unlike the U.S., the European Commission through the mouth of the Commissioner Gouolstrom (3 July 2003) officially acknowledged HAARP as "military program".

Owner of HAARP is the company Raython, one of the main suppliers of the U.S. Department of Defense and NASA.

The European Parliament has called the HAARP as "weapons system which disrupts the climate," adding that "because of the long-term effects on the environment, HAARP is the subject of global concern, which the legal, ecological and ethical implications should be explored an independent international body. " But these resolutions are not binding. The European Commission finally admits that "has no power, nor the training to act in relation to such matters."


Leaks Shield program

Unofficially leaked on the internet that information. That aerial spraying is part of a program called "Shield" and subject to the UN. Made through a special department of the World Health Organization (WHO) established for this purpose, which in turn promotes enforcement in NATO and major civil aviation companies. The device command in the program "Shield", is strictly hierarchical structure. Information forwarded only when necessary for the program. When someone new is to be "initiated" must be tied into a contract to maintain secrecy. The WHO estimates that the number of human casualties from disease of the program will be about 2 billion during the 50-year expected life, ie 40 million people per year. Here count and premature death as older people and people with respiratory problems. Even the aerial spraying of chemicals, in particular aluminum-associated with the spread of Alzheimer's disease. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) talking about 3-4 million dead, ie 60-80 million per year.

Cry from a former FBI

Since last year, the public debate on aerial spraying is in the light of an unexpected evolution, after the death of Ted Gkanterson, former head of the FBI in Los Angeles. His death was attributed by the family in arsenic poisoning. It is he who figures confirmed the true identity of Osama bin Laden as a former CIA institution and that the Islamic organization Al-Qaeda driven by the Pentagon, the most recent mission to participate in the fall of Gaddafi of Libya. Not even hesitated to expose his own department, the FBI, the bombing stoWorld Trade Center in 1993.

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