John is an inventor and jack of all trades, so Johnny knocked on his door with this brilliant idea. John has many “brilliant” ideas pitched to him on a regular bases, but this one was different. He too was accustom to using single purpose tools for many unrelated jobs. A quick web search revealed a Japanese 10-in-1 Garden Multi-tool… but it was more funny than practical.

So John went to the hardware store and spent the next few days in Rob’s machine shop, cobbling together a bunch of tools into one… the result was less than fantastic, but the GardeNinja was born! Several years and a half dozen prototypes later the GardeNinja was refined to it’s current ergonomic form.


The GardeNinja is the brain child of Johnny Askwith, John Dykyj and Rob Macleod from Southern Ontario, Canada. The three had worked together for many years, manufacturing and marketing studio and film equipment.

One sunny day, Johnny was commissioned by his wife to build a rose garden. After hours of searching for his lost garden tools, he went out and bought over $100 worth of tools, but ended up using the hedge shears for most of the work like cutting, tilling, digging and weeding. The shears were not designed for it, but due to “shear” laziness, using the shears as a makeshift tool was just much easier than running back and forth for the other tools… and EUREKA! it came to him… Why not make one simple garden tool that does it all? And he knew the perfect guy to make it.

About The Inventors

The GardeNinja was created by John Dykyj, an inventor and industrial designer . Johnny Askwith, a professional camera operator and amateur gardener, is the “idea man” behind the GardeNinja.
Robert Macleod manufactured the Advanta-Jib camera crane with John Dykyj for 10 years and joined the GardeNinja team to provide financial and technical support. The GardeNinja is protected by US Patent # 8707491. Canadian and International Patents are pending.